Asked September 6, 2013, 6:39 PM EDT

I have interest in becoming a gardener. I am 52 years old and believe that I can, in my later years, be a benefit to my community. Are there courses that I may take at a low or reasonable cost, to learn all I need to learn. Also, are there ways to access info through Penn State via the computer. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank You in advance. Scott Zinggeler, 606 Alden Drive, Emmaus Pa. 18049 Phone number 610.392.2899

Lehigh County Pennsylvania

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There are resources on gardening online at our website:

A local program is coming up Sept 14th. More information is at:

You may also want to come in to our county office and speak with a master gardener. These folks are volunteers who help people with gardening questions. A great resource.
Contact info for Lehigh County is or call 610-391-9840.

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