out of control herbs in the garden

Asked September 4, 2013, 12:55 PM EDT

We have herbs that have taken over the garden. They forced the raspberries over to the neighbors yard, have grown under and though the walkway, and seem impervious to a shovel (I tried digging about 10" deep last year). How can I completely eradicate them so I can start the garden all over?

Jefferson County Colorado herbs

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Try using the herbicide glyphosate. (You may know it as RoundUp.) This product is sprayed on the leaves which translocate it to the roots. Fall is a good time of year to be treating perennial weedy plants. If regrowth occurs, you can spray it a second time this fall as long as plants are actively growing.
Unfortunately you will probably need to reapply the herbicide next year as well, but being persistent is the best way to control problem plants.
Digging can work over many years after the root system/plant reserves are spent.
Be sure not to spray glyphosate on any green plant that you do not want to injure or kill.