Heavenly (or not so) Bamboo!

Asked September 3, 2013, 4:53 PM EDT

I have Heavenly Bamboo growing beside my house. I have tried to kill it several times. (round up, leveling it, burning it with a propane torch) Nothing has worked. The roots are too strong for me to dig out. Do you have any suggestions?

Yamhill County Oregon

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Any time you are trying to remove a persistant plant it takes just that...persistance, sometimes years of persistance.

First, be sure that the plant you have is indeed "Heavenly Bamboo".


I would suggest several things. 1. You could hire somebody with the necessary tools to dig out the root ball of this plant. Or: 2. You could cut it completely down, water it, cut the new shoots immediately, then repeat. This will eventually deplete the energy stored in the roots, but the key would be your diligence in cutting back new shoots as soon as they appear. This could take more than 1 growing season. Or: 3. You could use a brush/blackberry herbicide on it after carefully reading and following directions. Again, it will take repeated applications to kill the plant. Or 4. You could use a combination of the above methods.

Whatever method you choose, know that it will take time, perhaps more than 1 year, and effort and diligence.

Don't give up, you are on the right track, keep at it, you can conquer this problem plant.