What kind of tree is this?

Asked September 2, 2013, 2:32 PM EDT

Can you please tell me what kind of tree this is? The picture was taken around the first of Aug. and the tree is in Cartesville, GA. I thought it looked like some kind of hickory but i've never seen one with such an abundance of fruit. Thanks very much for your help.
Mike Norris
400 Billings Farm Dr.
Canton, GA 30115

Cherokee County Georgia

1 Response

Thank you for contacting the Cherokee County UGA Extension Office and Master Gardeners, concerning the identification of a tree species. The tree appears to be a Paulownia (Paulownia tomentosa) and is often thought of as a weed because of its adaptability and invasive nature. Each of the fruits can contain up 2000 small, winged seeds. The foxglove-shaped flowers give off vanilla fragrance. Please contact us if you have additional questions.