Brown Leyland Cypress

Asked September 2, 2013, 1:41 PM EDT

I have a row leyland cypress' that have been in the ground for about 7 years, all of them are about 20ft tall. I have one that has turned completely brown. The branches are still flexible and will not break when bent and there is still a touch of green on some branches. No signs of insects. I have been reading online about diseases. I have a couple others that have brown branches on the bottoms.

Do I need to cut the one down? Or is there a way to bring back the green? No bag worms. I am familiar with these, but no bag worms. Wanted to know so if it is a disease I can get it down before it really affects the other trees, 15 of them.

Thank you


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Please look for small silver dollar size holes under the trees. Voles have been a problem this year on many trees and especially leylands. A shingle board test with an apple will also help you determine if voles are present and eating the roots. For more information, please call our Rockingham County Cooperative Extension Office 336-342-8230.