Nutrient levels

Asked September 2, 2013, 10:42 AM EDT

My phosphorus, potassium and magnesium have tested above optimum. Should I be concerned? If so, how do I bring it down. Report said I only needed nitrogen added. However the fertilizer I can get is a 12-12-12.
2L475C is my report number.

Hamilton County Ohio

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You do not need to do anything about the 'above optimum' nutrient levels in your soil. If additional nutrients are not added, those nutrient levels will drop as the plants access them. You may wish to have the soil tested again in 3-5 years to check these nutrient levels.

You may purchase fertilizers that contain only nitrogen; they may be labeled as urea and often have numbers similar to 12-0-0. Most garden centers carry this product; it may be located in a different part of the store so you may wish to ask a store employee. If it's available, the most efficient formulation is a slow-release product.

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