We have a plant with rather broad leaves and many tiny berries growing on it...

Asked September 1, 2013, 5:22 PM EDT

We have a plant with rather broad leaves and many tiny berries growing on it in a container on our porch...the berries are green at first and then turn a dark purple/black color. We didn't plant this plant....it just "appeared" one day in the container. It has grown very rapidly and is very prolific with many clusters of berries on it.

Benton County Minnesota nightshade

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Eastern black nightshade may be the weedy plant that you are seeing, but we'd be able to identify it better if we could see a photo of it. Here are a few links for you to see if this is the plant:

Is this black nightshade poisonous, it sounds like it might be! Thank you so much
for your answer and knowledge.I'll try to send a picture.

The ripened fruits have been shown to be not poisonous in low to moderate amounts however the foliage and unriped berries are toxic. The berries are eaten and dispersed by birds. Some websites state that all parts of the plant are toxic to animals. To be safe, I would get rid of the plant and berries.

Thanks again for your advice....I got rid of the plant because I have a cat who likes
to chew on my plants and don't want her to get sick.

I'm glad that we could help. It would be a good idea to get rid of the nightshade if you have a pet cat.