Grassy weed identification in zorro zoysia

Asked August 30, 2013, 4:00 PM EDT

Could you please help me identify the weed in the attached images? I added the image in the crushed granite as it is easier to see the entire weed. It is invading (rapidly) my zorro zoysia lawn. Zoysia is mature (~5 yrs) strong and healthy and seems to "choke" out other aggressor weeds. I have previously been able to pull this weed (roots included) and stay ahead, but this year it is growing too fast.

Additionally, What is the best treatment regimen to eliminate/control it?

Thank you

Parker County Texas weed issues

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It appears to be crab grass; annual grass which germinates in early spring. A per-emergent herbicide applied in mid to late February will keep the week in check. Check with you favorite independent nursery to see which products they have in stock that will control crab grass.

Good luck!!