Pruning Hoogendorn Holly

Asked August 30, 2013, 7:10 AM EDT

Hi! I used Hoogendorn Holly as a foundation shrub along the front of my house. I failed to prune them for a few years believing the would only grow to about 3' x 3'. Now these approximately 8 year old shrubs are overgrown. I have sheared them, but they show a bit of the leafless center. I was wondering if I could cut them back at the base and "start over". Would new branches form at the base? Thanks. Karen

Floyd County Virginia

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Yes, the japanese holly 'Hoogendorn' may be pruned as necessary to achieve desired size and shape. if you plan to prune harshly, prune in late winter so that early spring growth quickly covers your "rough" areas. The plant will withstand harsh pruning and develop new shoots, but due to normally "slow" growth, this may take more than one season.

Happy Gardening, JON

Thank you!