Pressure Cooking Salmon

Asked August 29, 2013, 7:52 PM EDT

Recently, we canned a load of salmon in cans. One of the cookers was leaking. It maintained pressure of 16# for the 90 minute process. But, when we opened the cooker there was only about 1 cup of water remaining. Is this fish safe to eat?

Mendocino County California

1 Response

We recommend 100 minutes at 10 or 11 pounds pressure for fish. If you were getting 16 pounds pressure, it doesn't seem likely that your gasket was leaking. However new gaskets are easy to get and I recommend that you get one just to be safe. If all your cans sealed I think you should be safe. Consult with the master food preservers through your local county extension office. As long as there was any water left and you were making steam your canner is safe. If you EVER run out of water shut down immediately! If you don't the bottom of your canner will blow out.