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Asked August 29, 2013, 4:12 PM EDT

Do you have a special price for Non-profit Organizations. We have an event every year for Thanksgiving. We cook and also give away turkeys with all the trimmings for low Income families. This year we want to give away about 500 turkeys and feed about 2000. Can you help us?

Los Angeles County California community service

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In reading your question, I'm a bit confused as to what you are asking?

Do you want to know what a reasonable price for the meals at Thanksgiving should be??

Are you looking for donations to assist with your Thanksgiving project this year??
If so, we are a non-profit, government agency. We are funded to pay for staff salaries and a small amount of office expenses. We don't have any funds to cover the programming done out of the office.

No funds are available to assist with your program.

Please let me know if I have misinterpreted your question.

If I can be of further assistance to your organization, please contact me again.

Ann Golden, OSU Extension, 4-H Youth Development Educator, Seneca County, Ohio

We are looking for donations.
Thank you very much for your response.

Romelia Vasquez


Extension and 4-H programs across the United States are unlikely to have the funding to assist with your Thanksgiving project.

You might try to contact Extension and 4-H programs in California to see if 4-H Clubs in and around your area would be willing to make donations as a community service project.

4-H Clubs might have some funding and would be willing to help your organization.

You might also contact the State 4-H Office in California and share with them what you are trying to do. The state office might be willing to share this request with county offices. County 4-H offices might be willing share this request with the local clubs in each county.

Hopefully this gives you some more ideas on how to seek donations to support your project.

You might also contact other Youth Organizations, ie Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire Boys & Girls, Girls & Boys Clubs in larger cities. They may also be willing to help.

Maybe, some of these groups might be willing to do a fund-raiser as a Community Service project and donate the money to your project.
Hopefully this is helpful to give you some more ideas to seek donations.

Ann Golden