Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Principles

Asked August 29, 2013, 10:00 AM EDT

How do I know which Smarter Lunchroom Movement principle will be most effective in my lunchroom?

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Every lunchroom (just like every school) is different. Students in different schools will respond differently to lunchroom intervention/change. This means you will want to take some time observing the lunchroom of interest. If there are multiple lunchrooms you are considering…observe them all. You will want to see lunchrooms from many different angles including: the service line, the entrance, the exits, the kitchen, the seating area, etc. We recommend that you have multiple people observe the lunchroom with you such as a teacher, a monitor or a student. Mark down what you notice. Are the trash cans in the way of the food? Do kids congregate away from the lunch line? If you kneel to your students’ height can they see the food? Compile all of the observations and see which area was mentioned most. This would be an area that could benefit the most from a simple change and would most likely be an easy place to start.