Plant Identification

Asked August 28, 2013, 7:20 PM EDT

Could you tell me if this is huckleberry and if not, what it is? It had little white flowers before the fruit came.

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Hello and thank you for asking about your plant. It is NOT huckleberry. It appears to be the poisonous Black Nighshade (Solanum nigrum L.). "Take caution with unfamiliar berry plants", and OSU Extension gardening article, includes photos and information:
This publication from Washington State University, "Nighshade: Biology and Control in the Pacific Northwest" gives much more in depth information about the plant:
Usually a home gardener can control this plant by hand-removal and careful disposal.

WOW! Thank you very much! If it is growing in my garden, will it cause any other problems to my vegetables?

I don't expect any problems with your other plants, and it won't be damaging the soil by having grown there.