Trimming Maple Trees

Asked August 28, 2013, 6:30 PM EDT

I have some Maple Trees that I planted. A red maple planted about 7 years ago, and two Autumn Blaze Maples. One planted last year that is about 5 inches circumference and one planted 3 years ago. Question is on trimming them. The red maple has some branches that are starting to hang pretty low that I would like to trim up. The other two autumn blaze are higher up and right now are fine. But wondered if they should be thinned out at all? If so what time of year and how much to thin?
As for the Red Maple: 1) what time of year should you trim 2) where on the tree branch can you trim. As for the branch, do I have to take the whole branch off to the main trunk or can I take the fingers so to speak. When you take a whole branch off do you cut as close to the main trunk as you can or leave a bit?? Whatever help you can give. Thanks. If you would like pictures let me know. Doris

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Late Winter/Early Spring is the best time. Here is a link which should answer more questions then you asked, however, if you do have more reply to this message.