Pruning Established Fruit Trees

Asked August 28, 2013, 6:08 PM EDT

hello! We recently moved into a home w/ four plum trees (two varieties- both edible) and a very large asian pear tree. We'd like to prune them so they are manageable (hellooooo dropped fruit!) but want to do it the right way so that we'll get fruit again next summer. When is the proper time to prune these trees, and where can I learn how to do it properly? Thank you!

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If you tree is too large for you to manage you can bring it down to size. You probably would have to sacrifice on years fruit.All trees in the Prunus Genus,of which prune are a member, fruit in last years growth. Pears fruit on two year old wood. They respond vigorously to dormant pruning, provided the tree is healthy. It is very hard to kill a healthy tree by pruning it. Remember, even though you have cut away a lot of branches there still is all that root material under your feet. That's energy waiting to move up into the tree. For classes on pruning and orchard management contact you local extension office. Please refer to the following links for detailed information on tree care. Just enter these words into your favorite browser; E -631 and PNW400. These are both OSU Extension publications which you can download.