Need to identify and know how to get rid of

Asked August 28, 2013, 2:59 PM EDT

This plant is growing in a wheat field and is everywhere. Please identify and provide a way of removing.

Alpena County Michigan weed issues

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Your pictures are good, but I need clear pictures of fresh leaves, flowers, and roots. Is there a group of larger leaves at the base of this plant? If so, I need a clear picture of these, too. The leaves should be held out flat so I can see the shape, the edges, and get an idea of the size.
Please tell me the color of the flowers before they have gone to seed- white? Yellow? Pink? Orange?.Green?

Are the stems of this plant round or do the stems have flat sides? Are they particularly hairy, prickly or smooth? Are the leaves smooth, hairy, or prickly?

Since you indicate that these are growing in a wheat field, I am going to refer your question with the answers to the above, to a field crops expert. If you would update this question with the information I requested, we may be able to make a positive ID.

If answers to my questions are not possible, you can look at online pictures of hawksbeard, hawkweed and sowthistle. These are 3 possibilities – amongst many!
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