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Monday, August 27, 2013 Allen Cork 1281 138th Street New Richmond, WI 54017 UMN Landscape Arboretum Yard & Garden Master Gardner Subject: Imprelis by DuPont To whom it may concern, I am writing to learn what the procedure to test for Imprelis by DuPont is, as well as the overall consequences and the abatement process. I strongly suspect that my Lawn care Company that services my residence has used this product despite denial. I have lost, or am losing many trees on my property, both deciduous and coniferous. The losses began approximately eighteen months ago, and initially seemed to be limited to my Techny Arborvitae but now have expanded to hard Maples, a Linden, and a Crabtree. I believe this may be related to the lawn service company that is treating my property. The reason for my suspicion is that the affected trees are in an area that they commonly apply liquid herbicide. The trees at the rear of my property that are typically untreated, due to lack of hose reach, exhibit good health. I have been in contact with the lawn care company that services my property. They have sent various managers and an Arborist out. To date, they have admitted no wrong doing; however have stated “They need to do something”. In researching this problem I learned about a product called Imprelis, by DuPont. At this point I have no proof this was used however, the symptoms and the timeline certainly appear to match. Prior to learning or realizing this may be the issue, I replaced trees that had died. The replacements now appear to be dying in the same fashion. I have had a Landscape Arborist out to inspect. He did not wish to draw a conclusion without scientific fact and sampling, but he did believe that this is not naturally occurring death by drought or disease. My contracted Arborist recommended I test for the following chemicals: 1. Imprelis 2. Simazine 3. Trimec The Simazine and Trimec were recommended by the Arborist, however the property has not had agricultural use in approximately twenty years. Please do not limit yourself to the above tests as you are more aware of what would do this type of damage that I. I appreciate your time, knowledge and effort. You may contact me at the above address, or reach me on my cellular at (763) 286-7985. Kindest regards, Allen Cork I have available a PDF document that shows damaged areas and a control.

St. Croix County Wisconsin

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You should contact your local county UW-Extension office ( about this. They can provide more specific advice.