Identify Moth caterpillar

Asked August 26, 2013, 3:12 PM EDT

I (actually my dog) has found a very large caterpillar that is the same size as a "tomato horn worm/sphinx moth but he/she is very pale yellow, no hair banded and has no distinguishing features (i.e. a horn, but does have a marking that looks like an eye spot near the tail area0. It was VERY active last night but has now snuggles into folds of paper towels that we but in our terrarium and is changing colors, from pale yellow to brownish to reddish within a few hours. Is this fella getting ready to pupate? What can/should we do, my daughter is extremely interested in maintain this fellow through the "process" if possible. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!


Beth V.

Boulder County Colorado

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A picture would be ideal. Can you send one?
It sounds like a sphynx moth caterpillar of some variety, but the picture would allow for a more positive ID.
As for the color change, it is possible it is beginning to pupate. They do this underground. There is a fact sheet that has some info on horned worms
that will hopefully be of assistance.

Colorado Master Gardener
Boulder Extension Office