what is this

Asked August 23, 2013, 3:20 PM EDT

We found several of these when we were clamming. We had never seen them before. The part he is holding is hard like a clam shell. The tube part is firm.

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It looks to me to be a pholad clam (family Pholadidae), also called piddocks, which are deep burrowing and hence the long siphon. The ususally have teeth-like edges to their shell to facilitate burrowing. Of course, it could be something similar to a geoduck, which obviously also has a long siphon that is not retracted into the shell (as with pholads).
Having said that, can't say I know much about Alaskan bivalves (since I'm in Florida!!). I suggest you contact Dr. Ray Ralonde at Alaska Sea Grant, surely he can narrow down your ID. ray.ralonde@alaska.edu