Deer and Cedar Trees

Asked August 23, 2013, 12:12 PM EDT

How do we protect our cedars from deer during the winter?

St. Louis County Minnesota

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Deer do love cedar and it is a problem in protecting them. It helps to wrap them in burlap, fence them or use a spray repellant. Here is a link to more information on protecting evergreens during winter:

This is from University of Minnesota Extension:


"Deer feed on and damage terminal and side branches of small trees and shrubs. Repellents containing thiram provide some control if feeding pressure is not extremely heavy. Plants can be sprayed or painted with the repellent; however, the most effective procedure is to hang heavy rags near the plants to be protected that have been dipped in concentrated repellant. Repeated plant applications or dipping of rags is necessary. Deer can also be successfully excluded with fencing. To be effective, fences must be high and constructed properly. If deer are starving, there is little that will prevent feeding. Providing a more palatable forage may help, but it may also attract more deer."