Freezing in canning jars

Asked August 22, 2013, 2:08 PM EDT

I've just moved and can't find my big canning pot yet! I would like to preserve some of the wonderful local fruits. Can I freeze foods in my Ball canning jars? Thanks!

Marion County Oregon

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Good luck with unpacking and settling in.
Remember that any pot deep enough to allow an inch of water over the tops of the jars will work for a boiling water canner. A rack on the bottom to allow water to flow all around the jars and to keep the jars off the direct heat is recommended as well. Ball suggests using just the straight-sided jars for freezing. The jars that have the small mouth and then the shoulders do have some risk of breaking. Leave plenty of expansion space at the top of the jars. Some people will even let the contents freeze for a few hours then put the lids on. Hope this helps! Jeanne