Lace cap hydrangea cut back

Asked August 22, 2013, 1:21 AM EDT

I have 2 lacec ap hydrangeas.Both grew and flowered ( beautifully) this year, but one grew very rapidly and spread out. I would like to prune it back so it isn't so enormous. But I want to be sure to do it correctly so I have blossoms next year.
When and how muchdo I prune? (I live on Cape Cod).
Thank you,

Barnstable County Massachusetts

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Hello Carolyn,
Lace cap hydrangeas set their bud for the following year on wood produced the previous year. So the buds are set on the current year's growth that will bloom the next year. It is recommended if pruning is needed to do it before August. We are now into the third week of August, so your plant's buds are probably already set. Pruning now would remove the buds.
You can remove about 1/3 of the older (living) stems down to the ground each summer to revitalize the plant.

To reduce the plant's size, cut back in June or July without harming the next year's bloom, but it will return almost immediately to it's former size. It is best to plant a hydrangea where it does not have to be pruned and its size can be accommodated.

Carol Quish