I was approached by a landman about an oil & gas lease on my farm in...

Asked August 20, 2013, 5:08 PM EDT

I was approached by a landman about an oil & gas lease on my farm in Sanilac County. May of the land owners have already sign leases a few years ago. Who can I contact to make sure that I get the best possible lease amount, and if I should even sign. Thanks Nancy Brown

Sanilac County Michigan

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Nancy, I understand your question to be who can you go to for expert advice on oil and gas leasing? If you will send your lease to me I would be happy to review it and provide comments about it to you in layman’s language. I would also be happy to talk to you by phone and try to answer any questions you might have. My phone number is 231-873-6841. If you have high speed internet service, I would suggest you go to the MSU Extension web page at http://msue.anr.msu.edu/program/info/oil_and_gas. There is a narrated slide show titled “Understanding and Negotiating the Oil and gas Lease”. It discusses what is in an oil and gas lease. It is the type of presentation I make at public educational meetings.

Another alternative is to have an attorney that is knowledgeable in oil and gas leasing sit down with you and explain the lease to you and hopefully provide you with options you can consider to negotiate changes in the lease that make it align with your goals. There are three attorneys that I am aware of that work in your area of the state. Mr. Bowron’s home office is Traverse City, but I know he has done a lot of work with landowners in Oakland County.

They are:
Mr. Henry Knier, Jr. Smith, Martin, Powers & Knier, P.C. 900 Washington Ave. P.O Box 219 Bay City, MI 48707-0219 989-892-3924

Mr. Norman D.Beauchamp Kelly, Whipple, Zick, Keyes, P.C. 627 Fort Street Port Huron, MI 48060 810-987-4111

Aaron Bowron Zirnhelt, Bowron & Wiggins, P.L.C 400 E. 8th St. Traverse City, Michigan 49684 231-946-8630