Using UV treated 6 mil plastic for your raised bed.

Asked August 20, 2013, 10:23 AM EDT

The manufactures are telling me that if I use their uv treated 6 mil plastic for my raised bed pvc hoop garden bed, it will void the warrantee and the pvc will eat the plastic in a matter of months. They recommend that the pvc be painted any place the plastic will come in contact with the pvc pipe or use galvanized or aluminum pipe. I have built a raised -bed cloche to your specs only mine is 12 foot long, according to the article "how to build your own raised-bed cloche", published August 2008 and I think you should be aware of the reaction to the pvc and the uv plastic in accordance their warrantee. Thanks and I hope this helps solve any problems before they become a problem for others.

Washington County New York

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Thank you for this information. It is very interesting, and this is the first time I have heard of it. I will post it for others to read. I'd be interested to know if the warranty specifically refers to use with PVC pipe, so if you happen to find out, please let us know.