Hornets under Ornamental Grasses

Asked August 19, 2013, 4:14 PM EDT

We have a few ornamental grasses in our front yard. Last year while weeding, I got stung and then realized there was a nest under the plant. I figured over winter the hornets would die off. I did some weeding around the same plant today and a mad hornet attacked my face. I ran into the garage, got spray and killed him--then noticed hundreds of them hovering over the bush. Question is---should we wait until it's freezing out and just take the ornamental grasses out and discard them? Or don't they die off in the winter? (The plants are ready to be pulled out anyway-look dead.)

York County Pennsylvania

1 Response

It's always helpful to confirm that the insect is indeed a hornet or wasp or bee. The following link describes the differences as well as ways to control or eradicate the nest. If you plan to continue to weed near the nest and want to eliminate before a hard freeze then be sure to follow the instructions in the attached link for spraying at night. http://www1.extension.umn.edu/garden/insects/find/wasp-and-bee-control/ Your other option is to stay away until a hard freeze when you plan to renovate the area and remove the ornamental grasses. Good luck and be safe.