grub worma

Asked August 19, 2013, 3:03 PM EDT

I have grub worms all in my yard. sizes from very small to full grown. 0 this size to
this size . I can't find any thing on thie computer mark the large sizes. The 0 above is larger than the smaller ones that we have found. A lot of my front yard is
brown dirt. I have tried treatments before. I am composting, Hoping to put in my dirt next spring some good nutrients. Any advise would be appreciated. I don't
have a lot of money to spend on this. I'm retired and live on ss.
I live in Crowley, Just dew south of Fort Worth, Texas 76036

Tarrant County Texas

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Thanks for the question and I hope to try and answer it for you? Everyone has grubworms in their yard, the question is how many? We tell people that 5-7 per squre foot and you have a problem, anything under it is ok?
You mentioned composting and adding that to the soil, thats a wonderful practice but not necessarily going to help you combat the grubworm problem. If they are over that 5-7 per sq ft your either going to have to treat them chemically or organically. both are expensive im afraid. Hope that helps?

there are more than 5/7. May be 20/30 per foot, or more. I've never seen so many and all sizes.I thank you for the reply. I'll start treatment in September and again
next March. then again in September and again in March until they are gone. I went to your web site about grubs and learned a lot. My front yard is mostly dirt.
I asume that I will be treating the dirt and gress where there is grass. My daughters will help me. Again,thanks for the reply. I also read all of those other
people question and the replys that they got. Much info to digest. Naoma

your very welcome, yes you will need to treat the area that your worried about. There is no easy or cheap way I am afrraid. Very rarely do we see a yard with that heavy a concentration of grubs, good luck!!