Pasture management small acreage

Asked August 19, 2013, 2:25 PM EDT

We have about 30 acres in pasture and 3 horses. We live in east El Paso county. Since getting more rain recently the pastures have gotten greener, but a lot of it is weeds, not forage for the horses. Should we mow the pastures to cut down on the weeds with the hope that the natural grasses will come back better? Is it too late in the season now? thanks

El Paso County Colorado

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Mowing is a good option if the weeds have not gone to seed. It will open the canopy and let more light in which should help stimulate the grasses. Most of your grasses are warm season types,so they will not grow much more this sseason, but any growth you can get will help restore their vigor coming out of this drought.