Deer Resistant plants

Asked August 19, 2013, 11:44 AM EDT

Hello, We just bought a house in La Grande (97850), and I'm trying to revamp the flower beds and general outdoor areas. I'd like some help selecting deer resistant, hardy, and attractive plants that will tolerate our climate. I know that fall is a good time to plant some items, and I wanted to take advantage of fall planting. I'd also like some recommendations on what types of plant I should plant in the spring. Overall, I'd like an attractive and some what low maintenance garden that the deer will be less likely to eat :-) Thanks!

Union County Oregon

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I would recommend two publications that can be used together. The first is "Xeriscaping in the High Desert"
The second is "Deer Resistant Ornamental Plants,"
A third publication that may be helpful is "Plant Selection for Sustainable Landscapes,"
The first publication has a deer symbol by plants that are deer resistant. It also has great pictures so you have an idea of the plant's size, shape and coloring. The second has plants that are suitable for different climate zones in Oregon. La Grande is in Zone 2--relatively cold winters. A good water system is just as important as keeping deer away from your plants in terms of survival in La Grande.