Identifying an unwanted bug

Asked August 19, 2013, 1:06 AM EDT

We remodeled, and my son's carpet and bed are new even though his bedding is not. But we do wash it very regularly. We have a cat that goes in and out and likes to lay in bed with my son. The cat is on flea and tick treatment. This morning my son was screaming that he had bugs in his bed. I ran down, and there were little dots all over the top of his comforter, mostly on the side the cat had been lying on. I didn't find any on my son.

We immediately took the cat out, and they were on him. I threw the comforter away and sterilized the rest of the bedding. Then we vacuumed the entire room and threw the bag away. I saved a few bugs in a bag to identify. Most were clear or pale white, and some were brown. All were very round with 6 legs. I could easily squish them with my finger, and they'd pop. They seem to contain blood. Under a microscope, they appear to be ticks. Upon inspecting the cat later, we didn't see any, but like I said, he is on flea and tick treatment. My son has had no bites.

We are wondering if they could be seed ticks or bed bugs? The cat could have easily walked through a batch of ticks, but we want to be certain that we are not dealing with bed bugs. The picture I took makes the bug appear red, but they are not. They look like little poppy seeds, but some are translucent.

Sussex County Delaware

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You will need to bring a sample of the arthropods. The picture is not clear enough to tell, and with the arthropod being in the bedroom, a sample is needed to be sure. The sample can be dropped off at the Carvel Center in Georgetown. Have you or any guests been traveling recently and staying at any hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, or motels? Did you visit anyone recently at their home, and had they been traveling recently? Being clean does not necessarily mean being bed bug free. Some 5-star hotels have had bed bugsā€”it depends on who travels through. Could the bugs you found be ticks? Yes. Could they be bed bugs? Yes.