What is this "pond weed" and how do I kill it? We use the pond for...

Asked August 18, 2013, 8:13 PM EDT

What is this "pond weed" and how do I kill it? We use the pond for our drinking water, so I would like to have a treatment that would allow us to continue to do so. The pond is a new pond, only 2 1/2 years since first filled. The weeds started appearing the end of last summer, growing in about 5' of water(totally submerged). They have really increased since that time. I've used Aquashade since filling and try to keep it shaded to about 2 1/2' - 3'. Your reply would be appreciated. Thanks

Fulton County Ohio

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I cannot determine what the weed is from the picture, however, it certainly falls into the category of "broadleaf aquatic weed" and most all of these weeds are best controlled with copper products like copper sulfate or Cutrine Plus. Both of these are safe for use in ponds used for drinking water. You may find those products at a local fertilizer/chemical dealer, hardware or box store. Aquashade will only color/shade your water and help prevent aquatic plant growth, however, it alone will rarely contain pond weeds. I hope this helps!