Bed Bug or Bat Bug?

Asked August 16, 2013, 10:01 AM EDT

Can you identify from the attached picture whether the bugs in my house are bat or bed bugs? If not, is there someplace I can take the bug to so it can be viewed under a microscope and identified? I live in the DC Metro area and can easily get to northern Virginia or Montgomery County, MD. Finally, if it is a bat bug, how long can they live in a home once the bats have been removed?


1 Response

I would suggest contacting your local county Extension office to see whether they have someone in the office to take a look at the insect. The subtle differences between the bed bug and bat bug are best assessed under a microscope. I am not in Maryland or Virginia to be sure of the offices there, but it looks like the Montgomery County, MD Extension office information is here: Give them a call and talk to the agriculture agent there for further instructions on bringing in a sample for identification.