Vine taking over my flowers

Asked August 13, 2013, 10:49 PM EDT

Can you identify this vine for me? I had asked a Cornell botanist, but all he could come up with was "hops" -- which this isn't! I found the answer! The Cornell botanist was correct. It is a hop -- a Japanese hop. "These pictures are very helpful. The leaves felt, smelled and looked like hops, especially ‘Wilamette’ (see picture), so it seemed reasonable to suggest hops. The unusually long petioles suggest Japanese hops, an invasive plant (still a true hops, so I wasn’t technically wrong) with similar leaves (see picture). Here’s a fact sheet on Japanese hops:"


St. Lawrence County New York

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Dear Bob, If a Cornell botanist cannot positively identify the plant, I would certainly be reluctant try it myself. However, your photos do look very much like those of hops. I have a golden hop vine (Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'), and while it is not considered invasive, I find it's rampant growth frightening.

My advice is to remove as many of the flowers as possible, as quickly as they form. Do not let them go to seed. Cut as much of the foliage to the ground as you possible can. If you are able to cover the area with a dark tarp, the shade may deter growth. This process may need to be continued for a long time, possibly years.

Even if you found this plant desirable, it's invasive nature is detrimental to natural areas. It should not be allowed to propagate.

I hope this is helpful.