Bees in Railroad tie wall

Asked August 13, 2013, 2:54 PM EDT

I have a railroad tie wall along my driveway that bees seem to have built their hive in. There are probably hundreds of them. Do you have a suggestion as to how to get rid of them. If I don't get rid of them before the cold weather comes, will they eventually die? They are small bees but I don't think they are honey bees. Is there another kind of small bee?

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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Good Morning

There are many small bees in Pa and without a picture I could not tell what you have in the railroad ties.

Honeybees are the only bees that have the capablility of the majority of the hive overwintering. All other bees, with the exception of fertilized queens, die with the cold weather. So, if they are not harming anyone, you could let them die out with the coming season.

If you decide to exterminate, be sure to pick an insecticide that allows you to spray a safe distance from the hive. Please read the label and follow the directions.