best way to freeze corn on the cobb

Asked August 12, 2013, 1:51 PM EDT

I recently purchased a vacuum food saver machine. I've tried blanching corn on the cob and then vacuum sealing it. I then tried both cooking the frozen corn in cold water to boiling for 5 minutes and micro waving the frozen corn. Both methods were unsatisfactory. The corn was sweet but soft, not crisp like fresh corn on the cob. Is it possible to freeze corn on the cob and get a fresh like crispness? Maybe the blanching is causing the corn to get soft. I've heard freezing corn in their husk works well, but have not tried that yet. Thanks

Washington County Oregon

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Good question! There are many opinions about this.
Corn is safe regardless of the method you choose to prepare it for freezing.
Make sure that the corn is wrapped well for freezing, to prevent any drying (freezer burn) or flavor change. A vacuum sealer with freezer grade plastic works well for this.

Freezing breaks down the cell structure of all vegetables, so they are never as crisp when thawed as they were when fresh. Freezing as fast as possible to 0'F reduces this texture destruction as much as possible, but never completely. Thawing at refrigerator temperature also helps, or cooking directly from frozen.
Blanching destroys the enzymes that would make the corn continue to ripen and toughen, even when frozen. While blanching before freezing is most common, some people have found results they like freezing raw corn on the cob, others by leaving the husks on (they usually open the husks, remove the silks and then close them again. They are wrapped or packaged in their husks.)
I don't have a definite answer. You might try a variety of methods to see what you like best including some with a shorter blanching time than you tried last time
and be sure to cool the corn immediately in ice water.
Good luck.