Boulder County Master Gardner Program

Asked August 12, 2013, 11:25 AM EDT

I am an avid gardner (native, dryland mostly) and have wanted to take the master gardner coarse for years. Now that I am retired and have the time to do it I find that it costs $265. No way that I am going to spend that much. I had thought that you could take it gratis and then volunteer a certain number of hours for gardening education in the area. Is this no longer applicable? I am NOT going to apply for one of the four scholarships mentioned.
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Boulder County Colorado

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Hi, Sharon, and thank you for your inquiry.

It sounds like you have already researched this topic and are aware of the options for taking the course, but here is some confirming info.

Indeed, the cost of the class for those accepted through the application process as Master Gardner Volunteers is $265, along with a commitment for volunteer hours. Unfortunately, that $265 is the reduced fee to simply cover basic costs. The regular cost for non-volunteers is $625 for this course, which is the equivalent of a four-credit CSU college course (four credits would normally cost $1617.) Students receive an extensive text book and additional study materials.The scholarship that you mention reduces the cost to $130. There is no cost-free option.

Please note that the application window for the fall class has passed. If you'd like to apply for the spring class (January through March), feel free to write back and we can ensure you get an application when they are available.

CSU Master Gardner Help Desk Volunteer