Getting rid of a Bee Hive

Asked August 11, 2013, 4:19 PM EDT

I have a Bee hive on the cement ground next to my back door,. Bees are constantly going in and out of the hole in the cement crack. I really hate to kill them with sprays or powders but what option do I have?

Denver County Colorado insects

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If they are coming out of the ground they are definitely not honey bees - much more likely to be yellowjackets.

A sheet on yellowjackets is at:

Yellowjackets, unlike honey bees, make a brand new nest each year, abandoning the old one at the end of the season. So one option is to let it run its course and they should be gone by the end of September.

Other options are nest destruction, such as can be provided with various "wasp and hornet" sprays.