Problem Weed in my Garden

Asked August 11, 2013, 1:09 PM EDT

I have a weed in my garden that starts every year in the spring and continues throughout the summer. I try to pick all the plants but they keep cropping up by the thousands. I would greatly appreciate your advice on how to get rid of this weed! I am an organic gardener and generally do not like to use toxic chemicals in my garden. Included are several pictures to help you identify this pest.
Thank you.
Laura Vance

Denver County Colorado

1 Response

This is Toothed Spurge (Euphorbia dentata). It's a fairly common weed in gardens, vacant lots, waste areas, crop fields.
It's flowering and forming seed now at the ends of every stem. Do whatever you can to keep it from maturing seed -
- pull (use gloves!! as stems contain a sap that can cause dermatitis in sensitive persons).
- Or, use a "weedeater" to cut down spurge plants as low as possible.
- Or, spray now with vinegar to kill leaves and possibly kill the plant.
- Or, spray now with Scythe herbicide (fatty acid extracts of geranium).
Read and follow label directions.

Your photos show some other annual weeds that should be pulled or sprayed soon -
prostrate spurge (caution - sap may cause dermatitis).
foxtail grass