Figs don't mature on 2 large trees

Asked August 11, 2013, 8:29 AM EDT

Hi, I live in Temple Texas and have 2 very large fig trees that are full of fruit. (one Celeste and one Brown turkey). Years before they mature with no problem but this year they are about 3/4 in size and just don't seem to want to mature? I cut the trees back each year while dormant, (Feb). I have fertilized them both with fruit tree spikes as well. The trees are very lush and beautiful but no ripened fruit? I'm hoping you can help?
thank you!

Bell County Texas

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Since the plants have matured fruit in the past, the problem is either due to the environmental conditions (many crops are late this year due to the extended cold spell in the spring) or the tree is simply too vegetative to mature the fruit. Figs require a lot of water to mature the fruit, so typically drip irrigation and mulch work wonders. I would say that if you are giving the plants adequate water, then the plant should mature the fruit in due time. Excess growth from heavy pruning and fertilization can delay the ripening of the fruit. Once the growth slows, then the plant should mature the fruit. So I would say continue to water and I would think you should have some mature fruit soon.

Good luck!!