eggplant organic treatment of aphids

Asked August 10, 2013, 10:40 AM EDT

I have been told you can make an organic spray to treat for aphids that uses vinegar, cayenne pepper, dish soap and water but I do not know the amounts to use. Can anyone help with that or do you have another recipe that may work? I have caught them pretty early but they are on purple eggplant and white and my plants are loaded with eggplants and I don't want to lose them. Appreciate any suggestions.


Charlotte in Spring, TX

Montgomery County Texas

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Thank you for the question. Insecticidal soap, horticultural oils (including both plant and petroleum oils), or pyrethrin (active ingredient for insect control products) are acceptable for use and are organic control options. This also includes using a stream of water to knock off the insects. Thanks again for the question.