pesticide/herbicide licensing for a school district

Asked August 9, 2013, 1:28 PM EDT

We would like a staff member of our school district to be able to kill weeds, insects and fertilize our athletic fields. Is there a course or courses followed by an exam or exams that would allow this?

Polk County Oregon

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Hello, and thanks for your question. Yes, a pesticide applicator license is needed for making pesticide applications on school property in Oregon. The term "pesticide" includes herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. No license is needed for the fertilizer.

This is the licensing guide in Oregon. Be sure to read page 7, in particular, about schools. It makes a difference whether it's a private school (commercial applicator license needed) or a public school (public applicator license).

It's likely that your staff member will need to take a minimum of two tests.
1) Laws & Safety - This test is required for all license types.
2) Industrial, Institutional, Health & Structural (IIHS) - General Pest Control

Study materials and information about the exam(s) are located here:

If you have a question, call the experts at the Oregon Department of Agriculture. 503-986-4635

Thank you. That was very helpful. Are you aware of any class offered by an organization, college, or university to prepare someone for the pesticide applicator's license exam(s) for a public school setting?

I'm not aware of an all-inclusive course. Several community colleges offer a course to prepare for the "Laws & Safety" exam, so please check your local listings. For example, Chemeketa Community College offers the course in English and Spanish. They might also offer a course in preparation for IIHS-General Pest Control, but I haven't heard that.

Tim Stock offers a training course for school IPM coordinators, but I'm not sure it's designed to help them pass their certification tests. You might want to check with him, specifically. He has been working with school employees very closely for the last few years, since the IPM law passed.