tomato blooms

Asked August 9, 2013, 9:47 AM EDT

My grafted tomato has green tomatoes but in the last week all the blooms have dried up and fallen off with no more tomatoes setting on.

Boone County Missouri

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Do you have non-grafted tomatoes that are performing normally?

Yes. one big boy and one grafted tomato on either side are setting fruit

It is doubtful, then, that the graft is causing any problems. Graft unions have been known to fail, but the plant probably would show more severe symptoms (e.g. wilting) other than just failing to set fruit. It is not uncommon for tomatoes with a heavy fruit load below to abort blossoms above those fruit. There is competition between the fruit that has set and the blossoms for nutrients, etc. The fruit already set usually wins the competition. Some commercial growers practice fruit pruning to alleviate this problem or to step up their fertility program after the tomato has set fruit.

Thank you. I shall try a little ferteliser today.