Rid my yard of zoysia grass

Asked August 9, 2013, 9:25 AM EDT

Many years ago I planted zoysia grass plugs on bare spots in my back yard. What a mistake, it is now starting to take over my rye, and blue grass yard. How do I get rid of this stuff without damaging my other grass.

Clinton County Indiana

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In war some of your soldiers will die. Use glyphosate to kill the patches. Spray outside the patch at least 12 inches. Spray notw and again in 7 days. September 1st rake away the dead zoysia and plant bluegrass. This is an excellent time to start this process with the greater chances of success. Treat escape patches with glyphosate. Well watered and fertilized bluegrass will move in to fill those dead spots. Cool weather is when bluegrass grows (this fall) zoysia is a warm season grass.