Weed problem

Asked August 7, 2013, 1:42 PM EDT

How can I get rid of puncturevine? It is in my rose beds and vegetable garden.

Mesa County Colorado

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Tough question! It seems to be having a great year this year, isn't it? There isn't anything you can spray on it in those gardens that won't hurt anything else, and besides, spraying is not effective on the seeds so you would still have to deal with those. That pretty much leaves manual removal.

The good news there is that it is an annual plant, so it is not necessary to get the entire root system Cutting it below the soil level is sufficient.

What I do is take a rake and a sharpened shovel. With the rake, I move the entire plant to one side so I can see where the root actually is, and then I cut it with the shovel. Be sure to wear sturdy gloves for handling this little monster!

Since it is an annual, you could put down a pre-emergent herbicide (around your roses) next spring to prevent them from coming back.