Blueberries bush pruning

Asked August 6, 2013, 11:46 AM EDT

I have a one year old high bush blueberry bush purchased at a native plant sale in Delaware put planted in zone 5. When do I prune it, if at all?

Chautauqua County New York

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Blueberries should be pruned in the spring, but while the plants are still dormant. Plants will need little pruning in the first three years after planting, but flower buds should be removed for the first two years after planting to encourage establishment. (This means that you shouldn't be picking any blueberries for the first two years). If you bought the plant at a native plant sale, I wonder if it is a cultivated variety or a wild plant. If it is a cultivated variety and your goal is for it to be a productive addition to your garden, you should plan to prune in a few years to maximize fruit production and fruit size. If your goal is that it provide food for wildlife and an occasional snack for you, just sit back and enjoy its natural form. The Mid-Atlantic Berry Guide has some useful information on pruning blueberries: