Cicada Killer Wasps- I am trying to determine if the picture I have attached...

Asked August 6, 2013, 8:37 AM EDT

Cicada Killer Wasps- I am trying to determine if the picture I have attached is made by a Cicada Killer Wasp? We have seen this type of wasp near this mud tube thing. The tube is on our front porch where the stone wall meets the ceiling. My online research only finds this type of wasp making homes in the ground, so I am confused. We see no other wasps or anything in this area. We had same issue in same area last summer, but just saw tiny but of mud with hole, nothing this large. I am allergic to Bees so I would really like to figure out what this tube thing is. I have soaked it with Wasp Killer this morning, but this was after the very large wasp that looks like cicada killer wasp left area. Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Your photo is not in really clear focus, but the location and general appearance suggests that it is the nest of a mud dauber, sometimes called a dirt dauber. There are several species of these insects and some produce nests that are neat and symmetrical, while others are not so tidy and create a nest of rather amorphous appearance. You may be able to see some entrance holes if you look carefully. These insects are not aggressive and should not be a problem if you leave them alone. On the other hand, you may find that a sharp spray from your garden hose may dissolve the nest and wash it away. Be advised, however, that such an attempt would agitate the inhabitants and could result in a sting. If you try to remove the nest, be sure to wear protective clothing.
If you are not convinced that the above identification is correct, please take one or more clear photos and re-submit. It is not the nest of a cicada killer wasp.