Purple low growing ground cover

Asked August 5, 2013, 6:43 PM EDT

I have a very low growing ground cover with a tiny blue/purple flower. It has a 7 fingered rounded-pointy leaf about 1/2" long and is a medium green color. I haven't seen it grow more than than 2" tall in all the years I have been growing it. It does well in the occasional cold winters, down to freezing for maybe 3-4 days. I lost my garden map, listing all the flowers that I planted in this "island" many years ago.
I have taken samples of this plant to local nurseries, even the one from which I originally purchased it, and no-one can identify it. I want to purchase more because after all the years I have been growing it, there is now die-back. Picture included
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Contra Costa County California

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Looks like a speedwell. The flower structure is unique.
The genus name is Veronica.
Searching on those terms should allow you to find the cultivar.
Some members of this genus are invasive lawn weeds

I studied pictures of all the Speedwell i could find and the leaves are too rounded. The leaf on the plant that I have in my garden is more angular. I attached a leaf picture.
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Dianne Watson

Plants are classified by flower structure and the flowers look like the distinctive 2 stamened flower of Veronica. I could be wrong but you might go back and look at the flowers and see if they match. I am very familiar with this weed species in my yard here in Michigan and I thought I recognized the flower as soon as I saw it.
I am not very familiar with herbaceous ornamentals.
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