Greenhouse Designs

Asked August 5, 2013, 3:27 PM EDT

I am currently looking to build a large 20' x 40' residential free-standing greenhouse. I have found plenty of very expensive pre-manufactured kits online that are frankly unaffordable. I'm looking to build my own greenhouse complete with many of the automated systems in modern greenhouses; however I am having troubles finding existing design for a similar size that is framed with aluminum over wood.

So my questions is: do you have any resources available to help me with the design phase and where to purchase materials?

Travis County Texas

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Here are 2 great web sites that have information from building plans to cooling 20 by 40 is a great size greenhouse. I have built several greenhouses with wood frames and steel frames, polycarbonate and poly covering, evaporative cooler and wet walls. I grow orchids. You are welcome to email or call me after reading these web sites.