Machintosh Apple Trees

Asked August 5, 2013, 12:01 AM EDT

Hi, I live in mcminnville and have two Mac apple trees with too much fruit. I need to pick some so my Lima don't break and some can get full size. I ate one and it tastes ok just a little tart. Are they safe for juicing or for horses to eat this early?

Yamhill County Oregon

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Green apples contain a higher level of acid than ripe apples, which can irritate some people’s stomachs and mouths if eaten in large quantities. If they are starting to ripen, they will continue after being picked. You could lay them out to see which ones do ripen more in a few days. Green apples are not very juicy, so you would not get much juice out of them. They could be used for applesauce, especially if missed with other apples that are ripe to balance the acidity. Applesauce recipes usually call for a mix of apples and is sweetened to taste. I also found recipes for apple chutney and spiced apple rings that call for tart apples. They may be worth trying. I’m not sure if green apples are a problem for horses. I will forward your message to someone with livestock background for more information.

Hope this helps.

The apples can be fed to horses in very moderate amounts. Less than the amount of ripe apples. Large numbers of apples can cause scours and stomach irritations. Start with just a few per day.