Pesticide Applicator License ID

Asked August 4, 2013, 4:09 PM EDT

I need to find out how many credits I need for recertification as a commercial applicator. My applicator card is missing and I have no paperwork or numbers whatsoever except BU3430. Please help me locate my applicator license number or whatever info I need with which to search online for my credits earned and credits needed. Also, how do I get a new card? Daniel Klahr 20 Troy Lane Mohnton PA 19540

Berks County Pennsylvania

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Dear Daniel:
Thanks for sending us your question. I was able to look up your certification number and it is 875880. I also found that your certification has been "closed." This is probably due to not renewing your license and/or not acquiring the appropriate number of recertification credits for more than a year.
I spoke to Andy Beck, from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and he would like you to contact him at or 717-772-5217. However, we are actually at a national conference in Minnesota this week, so please wait until next week to contact him.
I'm sorry I could not have been of more help to you, but hopefully once you talk to Andy he can let you know what to do to bring your certification back up to date.