Asked August 4, 2013, 9:31 AM EDT

Hello,I had planted tomatoes,okras,chilly,cucumbers in pots filled with medium of red soil +cows dung+compost now the yield is over.If the medium to be used for next cultivation how can it be enriched?

Outside United States container vegetable gardening

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Normally it is best to use fresh soil in pots. In a garden you would want to rotate crops to avoid a build-up of pathogens causing disease and pest damage.

You might consider re-using the soil for flowers and herbs, or at least create a 3-year rotation in the pots (tomatoes or peppers in year 1, cucumbers or squash in year 2, salad greens or peas & beans in year 3.)

For vegetables, potting soil can be enriched with about 25% well-aged compost or manure. Feed your plants occasionally with a liquid fish emulsion or compost tea.

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